The cocktail party that is Facebook.

Getting this blog started has been crazy hard. There have certainly been some logistical challenges involving kids and chickens and disconnected internet service because I forget to pay my bills, and the fact that I lost the laptop cord, and that I don’t like any of the free layout options, but the real challenge—the one that makes me sweat—is that writing here requires a lot of honesty. And while I’m a pretty honest person in real life, I’m struggling with how and what to put on paper and present to the exactly three people that will read it.

You see, I think about my Facebook page as a room in which I am hosting a cocktail party. Light conversation, music in the background, funny anecdotes and giggling, with hints of politics/current events/heavy topics—but just HINTS. Everyone keep your manners in check, because it’s my online COCKTAIL PARTY!

This whole blog thing…well, it’s more like a date. A quiet restaurant, one-on-one, with lots of talking. I can’t get away with just the one funny sentence and move on, as I do at the cocktail party. Cocktails parties only involve worrying about your outfit. Dates involve a whole different level of worrying.

So, we’ll see how this goes. I’m going to give it a try, at least.  I’ll probably just talk a lot about chickens.